6 key-points for successful digital communication in 2021

6 key-points for successful digital communication in 2021 1130 693 mdesigners
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6 key-points for successful
digital communication in 2021

We decided to put aside for a while the difficulties of the past year and focus on everything new or different that is here to stay. It became clear that when our daily lives and our needs change, there are drastic changes to the way we use digital media.

What impact does that have on digital presence and digital communication in general? What will be different for web design, B2B communication, and SEO? Users take the spotlight and everything that offers a flawless user experience is of the utmost importance.

1. User Experience (UX) becomes a priority

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people of all ages learned to use the internet more and on a daily basis to cover all sorts of needs. This led to users being more familiar with digital media and to them expecting a smooth experience, without delays, without broken links or buttons with an unclear purpose. Especially when it comes to e-shops, where the main target is conversion and sales, an inadequate design might lead users off of your website. The term that best describes how the user experience should be in 2021, is “flawless”.

2. Mobile first, again

Speaking of user experience, we don’t just mean from a desktop. It’s been years since we started emphasizing the importance of responsive design and how a website should offer the same experience whether the traffic comes from a desktop or from a mobile phone. Even Google agrees, and a website’s ranking will be decided based on how good the mobile version is. Designing for mobile devices undoubtedly becomes the number one rule.

Examples of mobile-friendly websites we designed

3. Ongoing SEO

It’s becoming essential to constantly track the content and the technical features of a website. This is why we’re now talking of “ongoing” SEO. Whether we’re talking about articles or landing pages, content is no longer static and needs to be adjusted according to what the users search for, to the popular keywords, and to what the competition is up to. It’s a continuous process, which, thankfully, is made easier by some great pro SEO tools that are available. You can read all about these tools here.

4. Multilayered digital presence

Something else that will change in relation to a company’s digital presence is that a website is no longer enough by itself as a way of communication. Social media, videos, applications, and other platforms are gaining popularity by the minute and will help create a complete brand. Most users will look up as much information as possible for a service or a product and the results they will get will shape their opinion about it.

"Most users will look up as much information as possible for a service or a product and the results they will get will shape their opinion about it."

Source: https://stories.google/create/

We see stories, that first appeared on Instagram, becoming available as a feature in most digital media, like Facebook and Youtube. Even Linkedin, which is strictly addressed to professionals and has a more serious purpose, added stories in tits users’ feed, in order to give a more behind-the-scenes aesthetics. Recently, even Google introduced Web Stories, giving another opportunity for creative, online content. The content was and remains the king.

5. Linkedin for B2B cooperations

Linkedin deserves its own section, as we expect it will be number one for professional cooperations. After the cancellation of every conference, exhibition, and professional event due to the pandemic, professional networking had to be moved online, as it was the only available solution. Linkedin is a valuable tool as it helped companies and professionals all over the world to keep communicating and it allowed the exchange of views and advice during these tough times. We expect to see more and more companies investing in advertising through Linkedin.

Πηγή: https://bit.ly/3bC936P

6. Privacy to the forefront

For the last couple of years, there has been a struggle against privacy violations of social media users and on the internet in general. In 2021, we expect even bigger changes with third-party cookies being a thing of the past. This means that it will be necessary to find alternative ways to bring traffic to a website as tracking user behavior will be different.

Advertisements will need to be based on truly creative content, which comes to the forefront. The goal will not be meaningless traffic but a truly devoted audience. This audience will be nurtured through groups in social media, through enabling notifications to receive the latest news, and mostly through newsletters, which will become of great importance.

"The goal will not be meaningless traffic but a truly devoted audience."

The year that went by was proof of how quickly things change and how important flexibility is in the digital world. Our experience and expertise enable us to adjust in a timely manner and find the most suitable solutions according to the new needs that emerge. We observe, we research, we test, we evolve, and we are on standby for anything new that might come up.

At MDesigners we believe in open communication between prospect clients and designers, aiming at creating visual identities and experiences that will move and inspire their audience.


We are MDesigners. A digital design & branding studio. We think, design and create projects like the corporate identity of a brand, the usability of an application, a website or software.

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