Design Trends 2019: Digital, Graphic, Motion – Our Viewpoint

Design Trends 2019: Digital, Graphic, Motion – Our Viewpoint 860 534 mdesigners


Design Trends 2019: Digital, Graphic, Motion – Our Viewpoint

Digital Design

The trend is “Do not disturb”

Does Digital Design follow trends after all? There certainly are rules to abide by but the trends are there to be observed and adjusted to one’s needs.

The main trend for 2019 is “Do not disturb”. Clean-cut lines, clear thoughts, plenty of space, a white and comfortable view is the combination that dominates. A product or a service should not be struggling to stand out but, on the contrary, it should catch one’s eye with simplicity and ease.

How is this implemented?

Let’s begin with a concept! What is a concept? Concept is the general idea, the groundwork that the design project will be built on. It is what will help better comprehend what we have to offer, what the client will buy, familiarize himself or herself with, use and, ultimately, accept. Concept is that which should say much without the use of many words or complicated images.

How this trend came into being…

Back in 2018, we saw that many companies turned towards offering unceasing, more comfortable experience or at least this is what they communicated. Apple’s iOS12 edition was designed with new features that aimed at leaving the users “undisturbed” by frequent notifications and give them a quieter and clearer image on how they can put their iPhone to better use. The same philosophy was followed by YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Instagram notifies the users when there is a “notifications congestion” to avoid endless scrolling. Google inbox as well as Gmail give users the snooze option to choose when they will open their emails.

Ever since the “Do not disturb” trend first came into being in digital design, we, as Mdesigners started following it as well.

Graphic Design & Identity

Serif font is back

The trend in Graphic design nowadays shows that Serif font strikes again, a kind of renaissance for fonts such as this one. Compared to the past few years when the trend was simpler forms like the Sans Serif font, it seems that we are transitioning to an era that visual differentiation is much needed and many marketing and communication companies go with the Serif tide.

What is Serif font?

Serif is the word used to characterize the small lines or strokes attached to the edges of each letter. In the past, fonts such as Serif were considered classic, if not old-fashioned, but it seems that now we’re past this phase. Indeed, by the end of 2018, the new trend leads us full speed to the Serif fonts, which made a strong comeback in graphic design to gain back the lost ground.

Mdesigners is already writing in Serif. Re-branding is our top priority and we’re here with many fresh ideas and advice.


Branding, on the move

Nowadays, more and more clients have the need to build interactive relationships with their audience fast.

For that reason, the use of the so called “bumpers” is extremely widespread. This is a very short, 5-second teaser preceding a promo or an ad campaign launch. It is a way of communication best used in a digital environment that aims at grabbing the viewer’s attention and motivating, in order to present a product or get a simple message across.

That explains why the use of motion graphics is constantly gaining ground, as it literally and metaphorically infiltrates brands as a communication media. Well designed motion graphics is what motivates the viewer.

We urge you to add movement to your branding.

Design & Production of testimonial video for Unisystems’ HR department.

An example of bumper animation


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